300 Days!!

Or 10 Months!  Or 43 Weeks!

Any I way I count it, I am so, so, so happy to be here.  I have not posted in quite a while again.  I needed to post more often in the first many months just to keep my head on straight and to process the intense emotions that were flooding my world without alcohol to make it all blurry.  Now that I am on the other side, I am not feeling as driven to share my happily uneventful days.

But I really wanted to post now for one BIG reason.  Whent I was just getting sober, I would find a blog that I loved and then sometimes that person would just disappear.  I would wonder what happened.  Is she okay?  Did he start drinking again? My heart would break a little, hoping that kind, brave soul was happy and healthy and wishing they would give me a happy update.

So I just wanted to say … I am okay!  I didn’t start drinking again!  In fact I am so much more than okay.  Life is changing in all the ways other amazing bloggers out there promised.  It just takes time and courage.

So if you are beginning this journey for the first time or the 50th time, don’t give up.  Ever!  I promise, long term sobriety is soooo worth it.

I know I have made benefits lists before, but it helps me and hopefully helps some of you, so here is the latest.

  • I’ve lost 13 lbs and am back to my pre-kids weight.  I work out a few times a week and I feel great.  I’m signed up for a race in October and look forward to running it with great friends.  My mom recently saw a picture of me on Facebook and said “OMG, you look like a teenager!”
  • Now my better connections are with friends who are creatures of the day instead of creatures of the night.  Interestingly, I have the exact same group of friends – I am just spending more time with the athletes and lighter drinkers.  Even friendships with people I used to party with have shifted.  Instead of going out for wine, we’ll go out for a movie or a walk.  Sound boring?  It isn’t!
  • I still do go out for drinks with friends,  I just don’t drink.  And you know what?  NOBODY CARES!  In fact, I often get admiration and comments like, “I wish I could do that, I really need to!  I can’t believe how strong you are!” I was just at a party last weekend with my mommy gal pals.  The next morning I got a text from one who said “Ugh, I wish I felt like you do this morning!”
  • I’m a much appreciated designated driver.
  • I have so much more energy to cultivate relationships with family and friends.  I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
  • My life is SO MUCH LESS chaotic.  I am finding joy in decluttering, organizing and otherwise creating a calm, serene home for myself and my family.
  • Digging out of the mess makes everything else feel so much more possible.  I no longer feel harassed by daily life.  I am starting to look outward at what more I can contribute to the world.  But I am not going to jump into anything or get over committed just yet.  I want to ride this calm wave for a while and see where it takes me.

I’m sure I could write another page but I am off to a fitness class I really enjoy.

Hang in there Sober Warriors!!


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